Before school drop off and after school pick up

NO STUDENTS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS BEFORE: 9:00am on Mondays and 8:00am Tuesday-Friday. Unfortunately, there is no supervision for the students before those times.

Morning drop off:

Breakfast begins 25 minutes before school starts:

  • Monday: 9:00am
  • Tuesday-Friday: 8:00am


ALL students will enter the front of the building. *Parents/Caregivers can walk students to the school's front door, Pre-school parents can walk student(s) to classroom after signing in at the office.

Students not eating breakfast can wait by their class 10 minutes before class starts.

  • Monday: 9:25am
  • Tuesday-Friday: 8:25am


Afternoon pick up:

  • Longfellow student's get out of school at  3:00pm every day.
  • Caregivers can wait in the front of the building or on the blacktop to pick up their Longfellow student(s).
  • Teachers will walk their class out to the front of the school or the blacktop.
  • Students that walk, leave school grounds by 3:05pm.
  • Parents/guardians picking up their student(s), please be at Longfellow by 3:00pm.