Levy Funds support Highly Capable Programs

By Feb. 13, Spokane voters will be asked to decide on a Bond and a Replacement Educational Program & Operations levy for Spokane Public Schools.
About 53% of the staff and resources to support Highly Capable programs like Odyssey and Tessera are funded by the local levy, which fills in the gaps not fully funded by the state.
You may also be aware that the Libby Center building is part of the bond proposal. Our building opened in 1928 as Libby Junior High and was partially remodeled as part of the 2018 bond. The 2024 bond would further these modernizations while planning for future program needs with input from staff, students, families and other community stakeholders.
We encourage you to visit spokaneschools.org/bondlevy2024 to get the facts about the Feb. 13 bond and levy.
And please remember to vote by Feb. 13!