Staff room serenity at Logan

Posted by Community Relations staff on 10/8/2019

Logan staff room

Behind the door to the Logan Elementary staff room awaits an oasis. Calm colors and gentle nature sounds greet you while a comfortable chair beckons from the corner.

It wasn’t always like this. Messy and neglected, the space had become a bit of an afterthought. But after an inspiring workshop through Kaiser on health and well-being – plus a mini grant of $1,500 – Principal Assistant Penny Capko and teachers Kathleen Rountree and Amy Berube decided the staff room was ripe for a redo.

“We wanted to create a self-care space where you can go, that’s calm, to help take care of your mental health,” Capko said.

The women took some time to brainstorm, then did a deep clean. They spent a day moving and painting furniture and then got creative. There’s a little activity center with a mini step machine, yoga mats, and resistance bands. They hung pictures and put a fake plant in the bathroom. Strung with fairy lights, the “woot woot wall” is a place to leave a note or compliment for a colleague. Another wall holds pockets filled with affirmations and encourages staff to take what they need -- Confidence? Patience? Hope? -- when they need a little boost.

“It all came together beautifully,” Capko said. “The feedback has been amazing.”

“Now I see lots more people come in here,” Rountree added. “And people are taking better care of it. Even if they just walk through, it’s so much nicer.”

Watch the video here.