• Elementary

    Students investigate how the natural and human-created world works. Students build academic vocabulary and skills in science and engineering through reading, experimentation, and classroom opportunities to design solutions to problems. The specific content progresses in difficulty as a student revisits concepts, for example pushes and pulls are studied in kindergarten and third grade.

  • High School

    Spokane Public School students will graduate with a lasting understanding of science, having engaged in discussions about science issues and information, so they can continue into scientific careers and studies. Students will cultivate an understanding of core science ideas using hands-on activities with science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts. Our science teachers are implementing alignment with the Washington State K-12 Science Learning Standards previously known as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

    Core science courses:

    • Biology: Miller & Levine/Pearson Biology
    • Advanced Placement (AP) Course: Biology-Pearson/Campbell AP Biology

    • Chemistry: Pearson Chemistry
    • Environmental Chemistry: Freeman Chemistry in the Community
    • Advanced Placement (AP) Course: Chemistry-Zuhmdahl/Cengage AP Chemistry

    • Physics: Glencoe Physics Principles and Problems

    • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
      • Physics 1&2: Pearson College Physics
      • Physics C: Pearson Physics for Scientists and Engineers

    Other science courses:

    • Anatomy & Physiology: Marieb/Pearson Essentials Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • Advanced Placement (AP) Course: Environmental Science-Friedland/Freeman AP Environmental Science
    • Applied Field Sciences: Field Studies Books
girl doing science experiment

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