Our School

  • The history of Grant Grade School:

    1897 - Land purchased for Grant Grade School at the northwest corner of Tenth Ave and Ivory St. in Spokane, Washington.

    1899 - Grant Grade School opened.

    1906, 1910, 1952 and 1960 - Major additions made to school.

    1940 to 1960 - Portables were also used.

    1952 - A gymnasium, multipurpose room, kitchen, art room and offices were added on the south side with a hallway that connected this building to the Ivory Street entrance. On the west side two portables were removed and  six classrooms were added (numbered 1N—6N) with a stairway that connected this to the old building.

    1958 - The two portables on the north side of the school were relocated to Ivory Street between 9th and 10th to be used during construction of more classrooms.

    1960 - On the north side, four classrooms were added (numbered 7N – 10N), with a concrete stairway from 9th Avenue leading up to the new addition. This building was not attached to the old building.  The two portables were removed before the classrooms were dedicated on October 4, 1960.

    1972 - Grant changed from K-8 to K-6.

    1980 - New Grant Elementary School was built on old Grant Park and the old school building was demolished.

image of grant over the years