College & Career Planning

  • The On Track Academy Career Center is an informational resource facility available for use by students, staff, and community members to aid in career and post-secondary exploration. The Career Center is located in P104 and our career specialist is Deb Crapes. You may reach Deb at or 354-4822.
    By the year 2021, Washington state will offer more than 700,000 job openings. Most of these jobs will be filled with workers who have a post-secondary credential or college experience. With a post-secondary credential you can earn almost $1 million more over your lifetime. Have you decided on a type of post-secondary training to help secure a stable, well paying job? Stop by the Career Center for more information today.
    18 million undergrads head to post-secondary institutions this fall and will pay an estimated total of $18,943 for tuition and fees at a public college and $42,419 for private schools according to Forbes. According to the SBCTC, 164,934 students were enrolled in a Washington Community College fall quarter 2014-with 13,826 attending SCC/SFCC paying an estimated $4,100 for tuition and fees. Stop by the Career Center to learn more about the benefits of post-secondary education options.
    With so many students heading to post-secondary institutions, over 44 million students owe $1.5 trillion dollars in student loans! With nearly $130 billion available this year in federal student aid, how are you covering your cost of education? Stop by the Career Center for higher education funding options.
  • ACT/SAT Code

    The On Track Academy high school code is 481283. This code is used for ACT/SAT registration purposes.