Meal Distribution Sites

No Meal Service May 22, 25 & June 19

Our 24 grab & go meals sites along with the 12 mobile meals routes will not be serving emergency meals on Friday, May 22, and Monday, May 25. The 22nd is a non-work day for our staff, and Monday is Memorial Day.

On Thursday, May 21, our emergency meals programs will provide children 0-18 years old three breakfasts and three lunches. The extra meals will include nutritious, shelf-stable food items that will provide for student meal needs on the days we are not serving.

Thursday, June 18, will be the last emergency meals day for this school year. Children will receive two breakfasts and two lunches to cover meals needs for the 18th and 19th.  Then on Monday, June 22, the official Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) will begin. Our SFSP will continue serving at our current 24 emergency meals sites and will work with principals and community partners to identify additional summer feeding locations. Typically the Summer Food Service Program is offered at approximately 42 sites throughout our community including parks, public pools, community centers, and apartment complexes. 

  • Grab & Go meals Monday-Friday from 11 a.m.-noon

    map SPS is offering grab & go meals – a breakfast and a lunch together – for any child aged 0-18, or currently enrolled in high school, at the following locations from 11 a.m.-noon. Yes, that's any student -- even those who don't attend Spokane Public Schools!

    • Arlington, 6363 N. Smith
    • Audubon, 2020 W. Carlisle
    • Balboa, 3010 W. Holyoke
    • Bemiss, 2323 E. Bridgeport
    • Cooper, 3200 N. Ferrall 
    • Finch, 3717 N. Milton
    • Garfield, 222 W. Knox
    • Grant, 1300 E. 9th
    • Holmes, 2600 W. Sharp
    • Hutton, 908 E. 24th
    • Lidgerwood, 5510 N. Lidgerwood
    • Lincoln Heights, 3322 E. 22nd
    • Longfellow, 800 E. Providence
    • Logan, 1001 E. Montgomery
    • Moran Prairie, 4224 E. 57th
    • Mullan Road, 2616 E. 63rd
    • Ridgeview, 5610 N. Maple
    • Roosevelt, 333 W. 14th
    • Sheridan, 3737 E. 5th
    • Stevens, 1717 E. Sinto
    • Shaw MS, 4106 N. Cook
    • Rogers HS, 1622 E. Wellesley
    • Shadle Park HS, 4327 N. Ash
    • Ferris HS, 3020 E. 37th

    Meals will be offered Monday through Friday. Our teams are working to create the safest exchange possible, using proper social distancing protocols. 

    Want to host a community serving site? Contact SPS Nutrition Services at 354.7270.