• Season 1 Sports Reopening Information 

    We are proud to announce the opening of North Central Volleyball, Football, Boys and Girls Cross Country, and Girls Soccer. Thanks to the months of hard work done by our SPS District, SRHD, the GSL, the DOH, and the WIAA. Other sport seasons and their schedules will be released in the near future.

    After methodical planning we have voted and agreed to a new sports season schedule that varies from other leagues and the WIAA. The WIAA has given leagues power to create schedules this year for their local areas and we have taken the liberty to do so. Below you will see the forecasted seven-week schedule. Please note, there will not be any state competitions for this 2021 season, only crowning of a league champion. Remember, things are subject to change at any time given our unique circumstances.  

    To participate this year, please, sign-up and register for sports through FamilyID and fill out all required documentation. You will need to have an updated physical before being allowed to participate in any sports practices. At this time, you will NOT need to pay the $30 GSL participation fee in order to play with in two weeks after tryouts.

    Due to Governor Inslee's new "COVID regioning" Othello High School has been cut off from their normal CWAC league and was placed into our area. All GSL schools voted to adopt them into the GSL for the year to allow them a sports season. NC fully supports this move by the GSL and are happy to house them for the year. The caveat to this addition is the GSL 3A/4A bracket became off balance and there was a need for one of the 3A schools to drop to 2A. After discussing this thoroughly with the NC leadership and coaches we decided to take the opportunity to move all sports, with the exception of boys and girls cross country, to 2A for only this 2021 season. This is not an official reclassification; this is only temporary for this year. We feel strongly this will be a great opportunity to North Central Athletics. We will be returning to 3A after this season is completed. 

    Future Updates

    We appreciate all the support from our NC Families, students, and community during the difficult time without the lifeline of athletics. We will be depending on your patience and flexibility as we move forward with more possible adjustments/changes at any time. Things will be different, but we will work through them together.

    Our practices, and competitions are all dependent on the DOH and the local SRHD and the state of meeting Gov. Inslee's new metrics to play. Please, keep up with our new North Central Athletics website, social media, and emails for updates.

    As always, we will be following all COVID guidelines through the state, SRHD, and SPS District and expect all coaches and student-athletes to do the same as we provide for a safe environment. 


  • COVID Seasons for Spring 2021

    Season 1

    Volleyball: 2/8 – 3/28

    Football: 2/15 – 4/11

    Girls Soccer: 2/22 – 4/11

    Boys and Girls Cross Country: 2/22 – 4/4


    Season 2

    Boys and Girls Tennis: 4/5 – 5/15

    Fast Pitch: 4/5 – 5/15

    Boys and Girls Track and Field: 4/5 – 5/15

    Baseball: 4/5 – 5/15

    Boys and Girls Golf: 4/5 – 5/15

    Boys Soccer: 4/5 – 5/15


    Season 3

    Girls and Boys Basketball: 5/10 – 6/20

    Wrestling: 5/10 – 6/20

    Slow Pitch: 5/10 – 6/20

    Gymnastics: 5/3 – 6/20

    Competitive Cheer: 5/10 – 6/20

    Competitive Dance: 5/10 – 6/20


The tables below show the seasonal sports during a normal year.






Girls State Podium 2018