• NCHS Announces Summer 2.0 COVID Make-Up Sport Season (September 28 - November 30) 

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Athletic Director - Madisen R. Petersen, along with the SPS School District, is excited to announce the Summer 2.0 COVID Make-Up Sports Season! After much of hard work, research, and strategic planning by our district AD’s, District Athletic Coordinators, County Health Advisors, and the District Board, we have decided to carefully and strategically start a phased return to athletics. On September 28th, North Central will be opening the outside grounds of its’ facilities to scheduled teams for workouts with coaches. 

    HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Every student who would like to participate will be required to sign up through FamilyID through North Centrals website in the Activities section. Each student will be required to provide insurance proof, an up-to-date physical, and consent to a COVID release form. (Both parent and student will need to sign this). Once you do you, your program coach will reach out to you to place you in a pod of 5 athletes, and they will let you know when and where to arrive for your assignment slot.  

    SAFETY PROTOCOL: Each NC student must do the Student Health Check EVERY DAY before participating in the Summer 2.0 workouts with their coaches. Each coach will fill out a contact tracing form to ensure the safety of students and families if there were to be a positive test in the group, and that will be reported to the AD each week. Each team will be able to work with one coach in a pod of 5 athletes, and one coach will supervise two pods. Students will be on a rotating basis per the number of registered athletes. While in the COVID Phase 2 – Students will not be able to share equipment and will be required to stay 6 ft. apart while wearing a mask. Before and after each pod works with a coach, all equipment and applicable area will be thoroughly sanitized. We are taking this opportunity to connect with students of NC very seriously, and we are very grateful to the District to entrust us with following the COVID guidelines.  

    WHY START SPORTS: Athletics has been proven to help all sides of mental and physical health in student populations. A recent study by the University of Wisconsin has shown that mental health has taken a dangerous deep dive after COVID isolation from school-sponsored sports teams and social relationships. SPS AD’s, along with the SPS District, feel that facilitating a Summer 2.0 COVID Make-Up Season will be a great outlet that will allow students to reacclimate back into social, emotional, and mental health circles on a smaller scale before progressing into phased reopening of schools. We invite all interested in getting out and participating in some form of physical fitness to register for the Summer 2.0 COVID Make-Up season. A student does not have to have any former sports experience or team experience to participate. Summer 2.0 is free and open to any NC students interested. 

    A student may sign up for multiple sports. Registration fee is FREE.  

    If student, parent or guardian have any questions, please contact the public office or the Athletic Director – Madisen R. Petersen.

    Register for sports through Family ID








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