About Us

  • The Enrichment Cooperative (TEC) is Spokane Public Schools’ Parent Partnership Program. Established in 2002, it provides both core and enrichment curriculum for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Additionally, students in ninth through twelfth grade can access a range of classes for credit toward a high school diploma, including SVL, Running Start, Skill Center, and classes at their neighborhood high school. The Enrichment Cooperative offers over 200 courses on the Bryant Campus to support and enrich student learning. Courses range from core academic areas of reading, writing, math, science and social studies to the elective courses of P.E., music, self-defense, robotics, Spanish, technology, drama, and art.

    Our program aligns with Washington State Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) requirements. Each TEC family works closely with a certificated teacher who develops a written student learning plan (WSLP) for each student. This plan includes: learning goals, curriculum, materials and methods of evaluating student performance as well as other required information. The WSLP is supervised, monitored, evaluated, and documented by a certificated teacher.

TEC's Common Understanding

  • The Enrichment Cooperative was designed as a partnership between parents and the public school system. Parents are invested in the education of their children. Their vital role in the success of the TEC experience for their students cannot be overstated. TEC’s goal is to enrich and support a lifelong love of learning. At the heart of that goal is the Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) — a completely individualized plan developed by a certificated teacher in partnership with students and parents to meet that student’s educational needs and interests for the school year.

We are part of Spokane Public Schools

  • The mission of SPS is to develop the skills and talents of all students through rigorous learning experiences, relevant real-life applications, and supportive relationships. TEC falls under the regulatory requirements for Alternative Learning Experiences (Washington Administrative Code 392-121-182) and is governed by the same rules and laws that apply to other public schools. For more information, visit OSPI's Alternative Learning Department.

    Learn about the history of TEC here.