Summit Learning

  • Summit Learning is a personalized, project-based curriculum that uses small group instruction to help all Shaw students learn math, science, social studies and English. Students also work on 16 Success Habits (stress management, curiosity, resiliency, relationship skills, etc.) necessary for lifelong well-being. Students build relationships and academic accountability through regular check-ins with an assigned mentor (staff member). Teams provide additional opportunities for parent involvement in program decision making.

    Summit helps students find success through several key areas of instructional design:

    • A project-based approach to learning ensures mastery of content through student-created products
    • A focus on personalized learning allows each student to progress through material with the time and support they need
    • A high emphasis on student-directed choice ensures high levels of engagement
    • Regularly scheduled 1:1 mentoring, with students and mentors meeting at least once weekly throughout the school year, helps keep students on track
    • A workshop model of instruction moves the focus of learning away from teacher-directed whole-class lectures toward smallgroup and individual support