About Pratt

  • All classes are designed to meet the developmental and academic needs of our students. Courses will be taught in a caring, respectful, and supportive atmosphere where students will receive encouragement and guidance to complete their work with fidelity.   

    Pratt Academy Features

    • Student-Directed Learning:  Students will be afforded the opportunity to direct their learning by designing their own individualized education plan in collaboration with teacher-advisors.
    • Project-Based Learning: Focusing on the interests and strengths of each student, projects with real-world application and relevance will be developed to allow for cross-curricular programming that will promote student engagement and motivation. 
    • Mentoring: Daily check-ins and weekly individual mentoring meetings with teacher-advisors to monitor learning plans and progress towards graduation will be routine practices at Pratt Academy.

    Academic learning is individualized using district approved curriculum through SVL (Spokane Virtual Learning), credit recovery through iCAN, blended learning (using SVL and classroom teacher instruction) and small group seminars led by teachers and students; sharing opinions, philosophies, and project concepts.

    Social-Emotional learning is at the core of Pratt Academy. Social competencies including setting goals, communication skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution are taught and practiced on a consistent basis.

    Restorative Practices will be implemented schoolwide. The school builds a strong and supportive learning community that addresses conflict readily. When disagreements arise, adults and students use the restorative practices model to develop lasting agreements and restore relationships in a positive and proactive manner.

    Student Population

    Pratt Academy Core will welcome primarily incoming 10th grade students and Pratt Academy North will support those in 11-12 grade for the 2019-20 school.  Students who present with one or more of the following (below), may benefit from attending this type of school environment. 

    • Behind in credits
    • Low attendance
    • Need a smaller setting
    • Minor behavior challenges

    Application Process

    Applications can be found on the SPS webpage at the new Pratt Academy Site. Please click on the “Apply Now for Pratt Academy” icon.  Students and families will be notified of acceptance prior to the beginning of the school year.  Enrollment is limited, so apply now!  If you would like additional information, please contact Lisa Pacheco at 354-7100.

Pratt Academy Grey Wolves


  • Please read the Parent/Teacher Compact below and provide any feedback regarding ways you feel could enhance parent teacher contact throughout the school year.

    Lisa Pacheco