Our School

  • Welcome to Garfield School, an active center for learning in the heart of the “Garfield-Emerson” neighborhood. Our diverse student population and many unique programs offer a wide variety of educational opportunities.

    We are home to three APPLE classrooms. APPLE is a non-graded, multi-age, parent involvement “school within a school.” Our Special Education classrooms include an integrated preschool program, a multi-handicapped/orthopedic handicapped program, and two Learning Support Centers. In addition, we have a highly skilled group of teachers, facilitators and instructional assistants provided through the federally funded Title 1 program and the state funded Learning Assistance Program (LAP). 

    Garfield Elementary provides students with many positive incentives for academic excellence and appropriate behavior. Monthly awards assemblies focus on academic expertise, outstanding effort and recognition of students who exemplify our three pillars: safety, respect, and responsibility. Students also earn Grizzly Great Awards, for going above and beyond in any of these identified areas. 

image of garfield students
  • What Makes Garfield Special?

    Located near the center of Spokane Public Schools, Garfield is “home” to

    • Approximately 500 students in kindergarten through sixth grade
    • Over 75 staff members
    • Daycare through the District’s Express Program
    • Many varied community meetings and workshops

    A very dedicated staff brings their expertise to the major curricular areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science, with technology infused throughout these areas. With the state mandated Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) and the district’s grade-level targets, the expectations are published for what students are expected to know and understand as they complete each grade level. The District’s Qualifying Foundations for students entering grades 4 and 7 also set a minimal standard that must be met in order for students to succeed at the next grade level.

    In addition to the core curriculum, music, art, and health/fitness are a major focus at Garfield. We believe in nurturing the whole child and providing students with as broad a range of experiences as possible. We hope that you will stop by soon ... to visit a classroom, attend an assembly or meeting, or just to say “hello.” Together, we really can continue to make Garfield Elementary the center for our learning community!