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    Senior All-Nighter 


    The Senior All Nighter is a senior party on the night of graduation. This Celebration is put on by your 2023 Senior Parent Committee. All seniors are invited to a dusk till dawn party filled with activities and games including professional entertainment, casino games, karaoke, sports, yard games, and much, much more. The All-Nighter has been a North Central tradition for years. It is a safe and fun farewell party with your senior classmates. The All Nighter is on graduation night, June 10th, 2023, at the North YMCA from 10 pm – 5 am. 

SAN Ticket Information

  • TBD Flyer and Information


    SAN tickets will be online or in the main office,  TBD on a date when they will start being sold. 

    Your SAN committee wants everyone to be able to attend please reach out to a counselor or the office if you are in need of help buying a ticket. 


  • SAN Upcoming Meetings 

    Wednesday December 7,  North Central Library, 5p.m.


    If you can't make the meetings and can help the evening of the event June 10, we will have a sign up sheet as we will be in need of many volunteers. 


    Please reach out to Candi Todd at 509-290-3089 or at with any questions!


    Senior All Nighter Volunteer Sign-up:  TBD

    Link to SAN Volunteer Sign-up Survey: TBD

    Thank you,

    Your SAN Parent Group

Fundraising Opportunities


    Spokane Arena is going to be our major fundraising opportunity for our Senior All-Nighter event throughout the year!

    The Arena has many opportunities for us in the upcoming months if we can staff them. The more parents, kids or family members that sign up the more money we can bring in. We usually work in section 119 big boothe and usually another small cart or dip in dots. We have worked quite a few events in the last month and we are on our way to raising funds for the SAN.    Thank you to all that have worked so far. We are so appreciative of your time and hard work to staff these events.  We have had a lot of fun while raising money as well so please join us and sign up for one or more events!  

    Please see below all event sign ups!  

    Spokane Arena Concessions for December and January

    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game    Friday       Dec.   2     5:00 pm 
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game    Saturday   Dec.   3     5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game    Thursday   Dec.   6     5:00 pm
    • Monster Jam                             Friday       Dec.   9     5:00 pm
    • Monster Jam                             Saturday   Dec. 10    11:00 am
    • Monster Jam                             Saturday   Dec. 10      5:00 pm
    • Monster Jam                             Sunday     Dec.  11   11:00 am   
    • Death Punch & Brantly Gilbert    Tuesday     Dec. 13     4:30 pm (if you can get there after work that is fine doors open at 5:30)
    • Snoop Dog Holidaze Concert      Thursday    Dec. 15     5:00pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Friday        Dec. 28     5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Saturday    Dec. 30     5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Friday        Jan.    6     5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Saturday    Jan.    7     5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Wed.         Jan.   11     5:00 pm
    • Pro Bull Riders                           Saturday   Jan.   14     5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Saturday   Jan.    21    5:00 pm
    • Harlem Globetrotters 2023         Monday     Jan.    23    5:00 pm
    • Spokane Chiefs Hockey game     Friday       Jan.    27     5:00 pm
    • Feb events coming soon! 

    To sign up please go to Find A Sign Up ( to search for sign up enter our email   then enter to see all events scheduled.

    To work events at the arena we would like people to have their food handlers permit and for some to serve alcohol we need few to have their Mast card if they are serving alcohol! Links are below.


    PAPA MURPHY  PIZZA FLYER:  December 14, NW Boulevard,                        

    Please bring your family and friends in for dinner to support our Seniors! Please spread the word and share to your personal pages to all family and friends. Remember to mention NC Senior Class All Nighter!


    PANDA EXPRESS:  January 18, Shadle Center 



    If you are unable to help with Concessions and would like to contact businesses or people in our community I have added procurement letters with our non profit tax id on them. 

    If you do make contact with someone willing to donate or says to check back please let us know we will soon have a google doc that you can input each business or person that is willing to donate. 

    Also, some companies we work for do charitable matching so if you were to donate $25.00 some will match your donation!  So please spread the word!  Also many businesses around have online forms to fill out for gifting.  We would love to have a few volunteers help with this.  Please contact us if you have any questions! 

    Procurement Letter

    Procurement Form

Social Media

  • FB & Instagram are up and running please join one or both our pages for weekly information about fundraising and Meeting info.  

    Remind app still to come. 

    FB Group: Search for  NCSANCLASSOF2023

    Instagram page: Search for  ncsanclassof2023 

    Thank you, 

    Your NC Senior Parent Group

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