Restraint and Isolation Complaint

  • File a complaint about Restraint or Isolation

    School Board policy and procedure 3246 focuses on Restraint and Isolation. The policy and procedure prohibit the use of isolation and set forth the limited circumstances in which use of restraint is permissible, including the procedures and reporting requirements associated with restraint.

    Complaints Regarding Implementation of Procedure 3246

    Any complaint regarding implementation of Procedure 3246 – Restraint and Isolation – should be made to the building principal where the student attends or to the District’s Intervention Coordinator. Complaints can be submitted in writing, by phone, or in person. If a complaint is made to the principal, the principals will refer all complaints to the Intervention Coordinator within 3 school days of receipt. The recipient of the complaint will reduce all complaints received in person or by phone to written form. All complaints will be kept in a central database maintained by the Intervention Coordinator.

    Complaints may be submitted to the Intervention Coordinator by:

      • Phone: 509-354-5904

    Response to Complaints 

    • Timing: The Intervention Coordinator shall review every complaint and use their best efforts to inform the complainant of receipt of the complaint within 10 school days. The Intervention Coordinator will provide a written response to the complainant within 40 school days of the date the complaint is made unless further investigation is needed. If the Intervention Coordinator determines further investigation is needed, an additional 20 school days may be added to the timeline.
    • Substance of Response: The Intervention Coordinator’s written response should include whether the complaint was substantiated and next steps for appeal. If the complaint was substantiated, the District will respond in writing with corrective action steps taken to resolve the complaint.
    • Remedial Action: If the complaint is substantiated and remedial action is required, the District will document all remedial action on the Complaint Form, and it will be stored in the central database. 
    • Appeals: If a complainant disagrees with the outcome of the complaint, he or she shall have the right to an informal meeting with the superintendent or their designee within 10 school days of receiving the decision. The superintendent or their designee shall respond in writing within 30 school days. 

    Prohibition of Retaliation: All adverse actions including, but not limited to, retaliation, harassment, or negative educational consequence, against the student or complainant (or any member of their family) or any other individual (or any member of their family) for filing the complaint or otherwise participating in the complaint process are prohibited.