CTE Early Childhood Ed Programs

  • Our Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program serves children ages 3-5 at Ferris, North Central and Shadle Park high schools. This program partners high school students with preschoolers in a safe, nurturing, and interactive environment. ECE programs offer a rich and stimulating learning environment where children can develop positive relationships with others. The curriculum focuses on play-based learning. This program offers high school students the opportunity to gain experience working with young children as they determine their future post-secondary pursuits. 

    Benefits to Preschool Children (ages 3–5) and their families

    A safe, nurturing, interactive environment that promotes skills including social, emotional, cognitive and physical development for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children. Each program recognizes and respects ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity within all families served.

    Benefits to High School Students

    High school students benefit by gaining an understanding of how children progress through developmental stages from ages 3 to 5. Under the supervision of the high school teacher, our high school students work closely with the preschool students by conducting lessons, art projects, storytelling, supervising learning centers and coordinating games and activities that develop large motor skills. Most importantly, they learn how to effectively and appropriately communicate with young children.

    The class also offers high school students five articulated college credits through Spokane Falls Community College.

    Program Requirements

    To be eligible, children must be 3 years old by Aug. 31, and may continue to participate up to 5 years old. They also must be potty trained. Typical enrollment is 18 to 20 high school students each paired with one or two preschoolers. The Preschool Enrollment form and the Certificate of Immunization Status are required for program enrollment. Program fees are $15 per month to cover the cost of supplies and snacks.

    If you are interested in the program, please call and inquire about openings. Spaces fill quickly in all of our programs!

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    Ferris High School
    3020 37th Ave. 99223
    Ashley Grow

    North Central High School
    1600 N. Howard St, 99205
    Rebecca Hill

    Shadle Park High School
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