Welcome to Lewis & Clark!

  • When we talk about our students, we talk about making school an always better “fit.” We want students to feel challenged – not so much that they feel frustrated and overwhelmed, but enough to make them feel accomplished and gritty.

    We want them to feel engaged – they are all getting closer and closer to their departure from K-12 education and we want to help them smooth a clear pathway to a bright and compelling career. But we also want them to be adults capable of knuckling down and managing some of the less sparkly bits of life with grace and calm. It’s a balance.

    We want them to find their people. There are boxes that kids can find themselves in and it can be difficult to reinvent when the box is no longer a place of security but instead a restrictive and isolating obstacle to personal and social development. We have ways of helping them be brave, but we know that a lot of your work as parents will be to continue to support and encourage students who just need to stay in the ring a bit longer in order to make and sustain a community.

    We commit to being the best partners we can in the work of educating your child.


    Marybeth Smith