Register to Ride the Bus

  • Who needs to register to ride the school bus?

    Every school year, all SPS students who fit the following criteria must register to ride the bus. Students must:

    • Live within their school's attendance area AND
    • Live outside the school's established walk boundary AND
    • Intend to ride the school or activity bus AND
    • Not require specialized transportation

    NEW: Protocol for Kindergarten Riders

    • Kindergarten families will be asked to have a family member over the age of 12 present daily in order for kindergarteners to be released at bus stop.
    • If no family member is present at the bus stop, bus drivers will make a second attempt if time permits (between segments).
    • After the second attempt, the student will be returned to the school and parents will be notified.
    • This safety requirement is in effect until further notice.

    ELD Support

    The Family Registration and Orientation Center (FROC) can assist families with interpretation services.

Register for the school bus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student eligible to ride the school bus?

SPS students may ride the school bus if they live:

  • Within their school's attendance area AND
  • Outside the school's established walk boundary.

You can verify your eligibility by visiting the Bus Route & Boundary page.

Questions? Contact the Transportation office:

My student needs specialized transportation. What do I do?

If your student needs specialized transportation, please contact your student's case manager or the Special Education department at 354.7947. The Special Education department will complete registration for your student. If you are approved for specialized transportation, you do not need to register for the school bus here.

How will I know where my student's bus stop is?

Your student(s) will be assigned to one school bus stop for both pick-up and drop-off based on the student's registered home address. Please visit our Bus Route & Boundary page for more information.

Can I have my student picked up/dropped off at a different location?

Yes, as long as:

Can my student bring a friend on the bus?

No. SPS provides home-to-school transportation for eligible bus riders only. Students may not invite others to ride the bus with them. Authorized students may only ride the bus on their assigned route and only access their assigned stop.

If you experience an emergency situation, please contact the Transportation office at 354.7362 or 354.7388.

What if my address changes during the school year?

You must contact the school's office manager to keep your student's record current, which will help minimize interruptions in bussing.

If you have moved out of your school's attendance area and want to stay at your current school, you will need to fill out the required paperwork. Students who choose to attend a school outside their attendance area are not eligible to ride the school bus. Please call the Transportation office for other eligible program options.

What if my student participates in after-school activities?

If your student is already registered and eligible to ride the bus, they will be able to ride an activity bus. They will only be dropped off at their regular assigned stop.

What are the rules when my student rides the bus?

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