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         Welcome to our North Central music family. We are glad you are here!! This is our page for all North Central band news and announcements. Here you will find important information on concerts, field trips, and everything we are doing in class! This page also includes important forms, such as our instrument rental agreement and practice reflection. 

          Our mission in North Central music is to develop skills necessary to become a great musician and citizen. Students will develop technical and expressive ability on their instrument and develop the discipline, work ethic, and integrity necessary to become great at whatever skill they wish! We embed teamwork and comradery in everything we do in music, and we prioritize the feeling of family. Now, let’s get started!



    Below you will find the schedule for upcoming winter events and basketball pep band (percussion ensemble and wind ensemble only). I would like to apologize for any confusion about following schedule that may have come from your students. I have been struggling to decipher district schedules, and your students have witnessed several schedule changes. I realize the challenges families and students can face when schedules shift consistently. I will continue to strive for clear, accurate, and timely communication about performance schedules. What you see below should be the final schedule through the first week of February. Any changes will be communicated to your students and to you through email. Thank you for your patience!


    Students are asked to give me two weeks notice for absence from these events in writing. Communication about attendance to our performances is graded. Absences from basketball games do not harm the overall grade, if communication is provided in advance. Absences from concerts, however, require a make-up assignment I will provide the students in class.


    Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Podium (Wind Ensemble ONLY)

    Tuesday, November 30th

    Begins during 6th period (1:30pm). Busses begin their return at 4:00pm. Expect a quick return time, since the Podium is so close to NC.



    After school rehearsals for the winter concert with percussion (Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble ONLY)

    Wednesday, December 8th : 2:45-3:45

    Wednesday, December 15th : 2:45-3:45



    Winter Concert

    Thursday, December 16th

    7:00pm in the North Central High School theater

    Call time is 6:30 for warm-up and set-up



    Basketball Schedule (Percussion Ensemble and Wind Ensemble ONLY)


    Each date for basketball includes 2 games, the first starting at 5:30pm and the second starting at 7:00pm. Call time for these days is 4:45, unless otherwise noted. The goal is to play both games and leave NC by 9pm.


    Tuesday, January 4th

    Friday, January 14th

    Tuesday, January 25th

    Tuesday, February 1st

    Tuesday, February 8th




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