Telehealth Program

  • SPS is excited to have the Telehealth Program available to students in the following eight SPS schools:

    • Stevens Elementary
    • Garfield Elementary
    • Holmes Elementary
    • Glover Middle School
    • Grant Elementary
    • Franklin Elementary
    • Mullan Road Elementary
    • Ferris High School

    This means a virtual visit with a health care provider can happen right in the school’s health room with the school nurse.

  • How It Works

    Students can be seen for a variety of issues to seek a diagnosis or plan for care. Issues include, but are not limited to:

    • Sore throats
    • Headaches
    • Stomach pains
    • Ear pains
    • Injuries
    • Pink eye
    • Rashes
    • Toothaches

    The school nurse determines when an evaluation by a provider is a good option, and with parent consent, schedules a telehealth appointment. The nurse will be with the student on the video call with the provider. Telehealth visits are typically 15 minutes or less and are conducted in the school’s health room. This removes many barriers for families who may not be able to have their child seen by a provider for symptoms or injuries.

  • Family Engagement

    • Families have the option to establish care with the provider if their child needs follow up, a prescription or the family has questions. Providers have physical locations in the area of the school.
    • To access telehealth care, families or guardians fill out a consent form, which allows the school nurse to set up and supervise the visit with the provider. The nurse remains the primary point of contact for the student’s family or caregiver.
  • Program Details

    • Schools with the telehealth program are set up with technology necessary for a virtual health care visit. Investments have been made to ensure each school is equipped with a computer, a video camera and electronic medical equipment to take vitals and share other necessary information with the provider.
    • Telehealth is covered by most health insurance plans. Insurance information is collected through the registration form. If telehealth is not covered or a student does not have insurance, they can still access services. An insurance navigator is also available to help connect people to insurance.