New Family Orientations and Tours

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    At Spokane Public Montessori, we are committed to
    Learning, Community, Work, Peace, and Respect


    Vision and Mission

    At Spokane Public Montessori, we follow the Montessori philosophy to foster the independent development and interests of our children. The authentic Montessori prepared environment nurtures the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual potential of the whole child.

    At Spokane Public Montessori, We:

    • Create lifelong learners and prepare children for life as citizens of a global community and stewards of the earth.
    • Support service to our school, community, nation, and world.
    • Work Collaboratively with families to create a peaceful, supportive, compassionate, and welcoming community where the understanding of and respect for differences lead to appreciation, self-reflection, and personal growth.
    • Develop responsibility and support freedom in an environment where all children choose purposeful activity and meaningful work with focus on intrinsic rewards.
    • Follow Montessori principles and pedagogy.
    • Seek to create a positive experience for all children to develop their fullest potential while fostering independence, critical thinking, and creativity.

    Tours and Orientation

    Attending an orientation session is strongly recommended before you apply to our program and required before attending our school if selected in the enrollment process.

    You will discover the foundational principals that guide Montessori learning and curriculum and visit our classrooms. It will be a time to ask questions and see if Montessori is a good fit for your family.

    See the list of dates to reserve a spot.


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    Rhonda Turnipseed - Principal (509) 354-6404

  • Enrollment in Spokane Public Montessori is based on a lottery and then students are placed on a wait list until an opening is available. Siblings of currently enrolled students have sibling preference. Students living out of district are at the end of the waitlist until all the
    in-district students have been placed.

New Family Orientations and Tour Schedule