School Clubs

  • Spokane Public Schools strives to make school clubs and activities available to all students, regardless of background or experience. We believe every kid should try at least one school club or activity for a more well-rounded experience at school.

    The research is clear: When kids participate in clubs and activities, academic performance and attendance improves, and it creates positive social developments.

    Clubs for creative geniuses, bookworms, science gurus, musicians, multicultural students, thespians, gamers, athletes, foodies and more are available at Spokane Public Schools.

    Check out the variety of options

  • Interested in starting a club at your school?

    Connect with your school's extracurricular lead, or contact your school using Let's Talk.

    Some things to consider as you propose a club:

    • Are other students interested? Talk to your classmates to ensure there are other students wanting to join. This information will be helpful to share with your school’s extracurricular lead.
    • How frequently would the club meet?
    • Which SPS employee would be willing to supervise and possibly lead the club?

Chess club students