PowerSchool Parent Portal

  • How-to for NEWTech Skill Center Families Only

    To set up your Powerschool account, you need a copy of your Access ID and Access Password. These were sent to you via email (please check your junk/spam folder if you can't find it in your inbox). It has also been mailed via USPS to your home address.

    Students can access their PowerSchool account by entering their student ID# for their username and password.

    Quick Notes:

    1. ATTENTION Mead and Central Valley school district parents and students: The user ID and password for NEWTech is different from the user ID and password used to access Mead and Central Valley school districts' PowerSchool. The two programs do not communicate with each other; a separate user ID and password is required. Also: you will need to log in to PowerSchool through NEWTech’s website at connectwithnewtech.com
    2. Parents can each have their own individual account, or they may create an account to share.
      • If more than one parent is creating an account, they each will need the same ACCESS ID and ACCESSPASSWORD for the student(s) they wish to link.
    3. Parents are encouraged to NOT use their student’s account
      • The parent account allows you to link more than one student and set up email notifications for grades and attendance according to your preferences.
      • The NEWTech PowerSchool Parent and Student access letter has been mailed to the address on file.
      • The NEWTech PowerSchool Student access letter with their ID and Password was given to your student in class.
    4. PowerSchool App: there is an app available for mobile download. Our district code is:  KWMW
      • Please note: there are many different devices, operating systems, and service carriers when it comes to mobile apps. Each version may appear slightly different from one another. Due to these differences, we do not have the ability to provide technical support for this and recommend you talk to your service provider if you need assistance. Thank you!

    How to set up a NEW PowerSchool Parent account

    1. Visit NEWTech’s website at: connectwithnewtech.com
    2. On the home page, under Grades, click on PowerSchool
    3. Click on the “Create Account” tab (for parents only), then click on the create account button
    4. Enter your first name, last name, and email address
    5. Choose a username and password and re-enter the password (password must be 6 characters long)
      • This is your new PowerSchool username and password for YOUR parent account.
    6. Using the NEWTech PowerSchool Parent and Student Access letter that you received from NEWTech, enter the student name (first and last), Access ID and Access Password (found on the letter), and select your relationship to the student.
    7. Scroll down and click Enter
    8. You’ll only need to create an account one time

    What you’ll see in the PowerSchool Parent Portal

    Grades and Attendance: This screen is a quick lookup that tracks grades and attendance. Click on a grade to view additional information. Click on either the absences or tardies to view specific days the student was marked absent or tardy. The teacher’s email may also be found on this page.

    Attendance History: Here you will be able to see absences, tardies, and detailed attendance codes. A ‘dash’ indicates a non-student school day, a clear space indicates present. A legend for the codes is available at the bottom of the page.

    More options are available once you have created an account and sign into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.