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     Be a part of our school yearbook

    Yearbook Pictures

    We need your help.  Send in pictures for the Ferris HS Yearbook.  Here are some pictures we are looking for:

    • Senior Portraits (see info below)
    • Senior Salutes (see info below)
    • Summer Fun
    • Students w/ Pets
    • Spirited Saxons
    • Students w/ Cars
    • Students w/ Jobs
    • Students w/ Hobbies and Outside Activities
    • Students at Lunch
    • Best Friends
    • Ferris Siblings
    • Ferris Fashion
    • Students in Masks
    • Fine Arts
    • Organizations
    • Academics
    • Sports


          Our first preference is that you send pictures through our yearbook software website, Pictavo Community, at  Once you register you may send in a whole variety of photos to be considered for the yearbook.  Make sure you put them in the right folder and type up a caption for the photo, also, leave your phone number so that we can contact you if we need more info.

          You could also deposit hard copies in Mr. Cox’s box in the Public Office or mail them to Mr. Cox at Ferris HS, 3020 E 37th, Spokane, WA 99223.

          Finally, you could e-mail Mr. Cox and attach photos at


    SENIOR PORTRAIT DEADLINE: November 1, 2022



    Photos must be named with the LAST NAME FIRST, FIRST NAME.  Example: Smith,Tom.jpg

    Image size:  750 X 900 pixels or 2.5 X 3 inches

    Most Senior photos have a maximum head size of 2”.

    Measurement is from the top of the hair to the point of the chin.

    TIFF or JPEG at 300 resolution.




    Dear Parents of Seniors,

                Please take a moment to remember the friends and memories that were part of your high school experience. High school is a significant time in life, and a yearbook keeps the friends, events, and memories alive for years after graduation. This year the Ferris Exeter is pleased to again offer the parents of graduating seniors a chance to place a special message to their seniors in the yearbook. These messages are called “Senior Salutes,” and they can be purchased in multiple sizes starting at $25 per 1/8 page, $50 for 1/4, $100 for 1/2, & $200 etc.

    You can pay using the online payment system or pay the business office.


    • 1/8th Page “Senior Salute”: For $25 you may purchase a one-eighth page space in the yearbook. In this space we will print your personal message to your graduating senior and a photo you supply to accompany the message. Standard for this size is 1 or 2 pictures and less than 50 words.


    • Larger “Senior Salutes”: For $50, $100, $200, you may purchase a quarter, half, or full-page space in the yearbook. You may supply more pictures to accompany your personal message to your graduating senior.


    We have a limited number of pages reserved for Senior Salutes, so they will be accepted on a first-come/first-served basis. In the past most parents have designed their own Senior Salutes/Ads in Pictavo Community.  If that is difficult, we can design it for you, just send us the pictures, words, and size you want to




                           QUESTIONS: Contact Mr. Cox at

2019-2020 yearbook group

Yearbook Purchase

The yearbook price is $39 until December 16, 2022. At 3:30 pm on Friday, December 16 the price increases to $50.

Buy NOW to get the discounted rate of $39!

You can purchase online, or pay at the business office.

Senior Portrait

Q: What are the requirements for submitted Senior Portraits and how do I submit one?
A: Use a crop tool and set it to:  2.5" x 3" tall @ 300dpi resolution.  Title the picture like this:   Smith, Joe.jpg

: Have I turned in my portrait?
A: Reference updated list to check. (Updated a few days after deadline)
Portrait Submittal:
  1. Submit online,
  2. E-mail to
  3. Hand deliver on thumb drive or as a paper copy to Room M511.

    Note: Any submitted portraits that do NOT meet the listed size requirements will be cropped and resized without notice.

Senior Salute

We now offer an online submit option for Sr. Salutes!

Sizing & Cost

They can be purchased in multiple sizes starting at $25 per 1/8 page, $50 for 1/4, $100 for 1/2, & $200 for a full page.

For more information, see Pictavo's shopping page.

Two Submit Options:

1) In Pictavo, create an account, SKIP THE "SCHOOL CODE", and follow the steps, YOU HAVE TO TYPE IN "ALL4FREE" in the promo code when at check-out because the Spokane Public Schools does not allow us to collect $ from a 3rd party.

2) You can also submit to Mr. Cox's school mailbox or email. Include picture(s) & words. We will create the ad for you.


You can purchase online, or pay at the Ferris business office.

General Photo Uploads

Upload extra pictures and captions for consideration to be put in the yearbook. Pictures must be submitted early to be considered for placement. Login to Pictavo to upload your pictures.