Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Scholarship:  Act Six Scholarship applications are due by NOVERMBER 2nd.  Act Six Scholarship selects students who are emerging urban and community leaders for full tuition scholarships to Whitworth or Gonzaga.

    Act Six: Full Leadership Scholarships for Spokane Students



    • Seniors must have a FSA ID before beginning their FAFSA which opens OCTOBER 1st
    • Register for your FSA ID now at (takes about 10 minutes)
    • You will need your social security number to register for a FSA ID.  If you do not have a social security number, contact Mr. Baltzell who will help navigate the fianancial aid form with you!

      NEXT, begin your FAFSA at FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid


      • EWU Financial Aid is hosting monthly sessions for students to learn more about financial aid and to ask questions. Sign up at

     TuitionTracker - See what students really pay for college.


    SchooLinks is a great resource for scholarship exploration and can be found in your Clever Portal.

    If you have not been on it in a while, when you log in, you may be asked if you would like to do the “on-boarding experience” to which I encourage students to complete. This is an assessment called “Find Your Path” (Career Interest Inventory). You can swipe right and left on a touchscreen and it only takes a few minutes. It will also give you a few celebrities that may be your personality doppelgänger.

    Once completed and you are on your Dashboard, on the left side you can select the “Finances” icon and then click “Scholarship Matching.” It will then bring you through a couple handfuls of questions to filter and see what scholarships you may be best qualified for.

    ** For many scholarships, you will also want to get letters of recommendations. Try to give your letter writers at least 2 weeks notice and include a copy of your resume and any specific information you would like them to include.

    In addition, you can also select the “Colleges” icon and then click on “School Search” (and there are also multiple ways to filter to find colleges that may be a good fit for you).


    Additional Scholarship Web Resources: