Counseling Services

  • School counselors in Spokane Public Schools are certificated master's-level educators in charge of implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. They focus on the whole child, with an emphasis on academic achievement, social emotional learning and support, and postsecondary planning.

    Each SPS school has its own counselor as we believe they are vital members of the education team and key players in maximizing student success. School counselors:

    • Help students with academic planning and goal setting
    • Create classroom lessons based on student success standards
    • Provide short-term counseling to students and referrals for long-term support
    • Collaborate with families/teachers/administrators/community for student success
    • Advocate for students at student-focused meetings
    • Analyze data to help identify student issues, needs, and challenges in order to proactively support students

Counseling Centers

For counseling resources at schools not listed below, please visit the school's website.

counselor directing a class