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    This unusual year calls for a unique way to put together our yearbook.  With no students in the building, we're unable to capture memories in person.  That's why we're asking for all students and parents to help by submitting pictures.  Please click here for more information.

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    Quarantine Quotes

    What are some quotes or words that you've found inspiring or get joy from during quarantine? These are some very rough times and we need to get through it together. Share a quote or words of inspiration. How did these words inspire you? Send us a picture of you and your favorite quote written on a decorative piece of paper. Click here to share!


    Spirit Days

    We got spirit yes we do we got spirit how about you? Show us your school spirit with some photos like your crazy hair on crazy hair day, or ugly Christmas sweater day and sports day . Make sure you say what spirit day you are dressed up for. Click here to share!


    Outdoor Adventures

    With Covid-19, going outside is one of our healthy options. There is so much to do and explore in nature. We want you to send us pictures of something you have done outside like hiking, kayaking, camping, biking. Share some adventures you have done outside. Please share your best outdoor adventure photos with us. Be sure to have clear images and HAVE YOU IN IT. Thank you!!! Click here to share!


    Straight Outta Quarantine

    Hey Salk students! A lot of things about ourselves have changed since the beginning of this year, but has your style? Maybe you have gone for a comfy cozy look, or maybe you've been wearing more dressy clothes. Send us a photo of your Covid fashion. Lights, Camera, Fashion! Click here to share!


    Cool and Unique Hobbies

    Hi Salk Students, everyone's been stuck at home lately so you might have picked up some new hobbies or improved existing hobbies that you didn’t think you would enjoy. What are some cool and unique hobbies you might have? Maybe you’ve been teaching your pet tricks, making sculptures, gardening, designing your own clothes? Send us your pictures of your new hobbies and make sure you are in the picture. Click here to share!


    New Covid-19 Daily Routines

    We all remember when in March we suddenly were forced to quarantine due to Covid-19. It was hard to adjust to the new way of life. We all struggled, and a lot of things changed. A lot of this has continued to this day. Our normal routines and schedules have been turned upside down. We have to do our normal activities and tasks in a different way now. For example, since we do distance learning on the computer instead of in person, how do you get your daily exercise in? Do you go on walks or bike rides? Do you do exercise in your house? This is one way that your daily routine may have changed. What is one routine or daily task that has changed or you have created due to Covid? Upload a picture in the Forms along with your name, period, and a description of what is happening in the picture. Make sure to include yourself in the photo. Click here to share!


    We're looking for athletes in action!

    For this year's yearbook we are highlighting sports during quarantine. So please send in pictures of yourself playing/practicing sports over the last several months. We'd like to see the creative ways you have been able to compete and have fun. Along with the photo tell us about the sport you are participating in. Tell us about the picture. When was the photo taken? Where? What was the name of your team? What position did you play? Be specific! Click here to share!


    Staying with the Sports During COVID

    Hello Salk Students!! Do you have any sports that you love to do but they have been very different this year? Well in this year’s yearbook, we would like to include a special section where you can show what your sport hobbies have been looking like! We know that quarantine has been difficult and boring for all of us. But there are sports that have been coming back to the picture... even in the pandemic! So please send our yearbook staff some pictures of how you are keeping with your sports safely. This includes something like doing dance class virtually or in studio, going to soccer practice but social distancing, going on runs, and much more! Ready, set, SEND!! Click here to share!


    Boredom Busters

    When Quarantine first started, I’m sure most of us thought what am I supposed to do at home, I need to go out, It isn’t possible to stay home for a while. Now that most places have reopened, we can go out but what did you do to keep yourself from getting bored during quarantine? Please send in pictures of what you did during the quarantine to pass the time. You could send in pictures of you and your family playing a board game, you watching your favorite show, you cooking or baking, you walking your pets, you painting or drawing, basically doing what you did during quarantine to keep yourself from getting bored. Please make sure you are in the picture and that you describe the picture! Click here to share!


    Covid Laziness

    How do you take being lazy during the quarantine? What do you do while being lazy? Do you walk around with a blanket, or do you lay in your bed and watch movies all day. Those are just some examples, show us what your lazy looks like. Send pictures of you being lazy like laying down and watching movie or you walking around with a blanket around you. Click here to share!



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