SPS Day Camp/Express FAQ

  • Our goal is to provide extra support for families while students are distance learning.

Questions related to Day Camp

What is SPS Day Camp?

Day Camp is an opportunity for families to register their children for a supervised distance learning experience at selected SPS school buildings. Students will not be in attendance in their classrooms or with their teacher. All school instruction is done in a distance learning model with their teacher. Day Camp staff will provide supervision and will help students get connected to their teacher.  Parents and students are responsible for all communication with their teacher regarding their learning. Day Camp staff will provide supervised recess and break opportunities, and ensure campers adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

What are the hours of Day Camp?

Students can arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. each morning.  The distance learning schedule will start at 8:30 a.m. each day.  Students can be picked up starting at 3:15 p.m. each day.  All students must be picked up from day camp no later than 3:45 p.m.  Students who are not picked up in time will be charged an extra fee and may not be allowed to return to the day camp.

What is the difference between Day Camp and regular school?

Day Camp will have very limited capacity for students, in most cases only 20 spots will be available per school.  This program also provides very limited staffing to reduce the number of people inside each building.  Day Camp does not provide classroom instruction -- this is done by individual teachers through distance learning.

How do I know if there is space at the site I am requesting?

Our registration system is updated daily to show only sites that have space available.  If you registered and there is not adequate space in the Day Camp at the selected site, our team will offer space at a neighboring school with space or offer to place you on a wait list. 

Will my student have in-person access to their teacher while attending Day Camp?

No, teachers will be instructing students from a remote setting.  Day Camp staff are only there to facilitate learning and to provide a supervised environment for students of working families.

Who will be supervising Day Camps?

Day Camp supervision will be provided by district staff.  

What is the Day Camp opening schedule?

Sites Opening  
Sept. 14 

Sites Opening  
Sept. 21

Sites Opening  
Sept. 28 















Indian Trail

Moran Prairie








Mullan Road













Where will the program take place in the school building?

Because of the uniqueness of each school building, the program may be held in different places at different buildings.   It is our goal to provide the programming in the largest space that is available in the building, such as multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias and library spaces. 

What does my student need to bring to participate in Day Camp?

All students must bring all the materials they need and that are required by the teacher for their learning.  Individual totes or shoeboxes will be provided to keep the students’ individual items safe.  Students are expected to bring their own district-provided laptop.  If you have not checked out a laptop for your student, you can sign up here

How much does Day Camp cost?

Day Camp rates are $25 per day with a 15% sibling discount for additional children.   For health and safety reasons, a 5-day enrollment is required.  Due to the high demand for Day Camp, consistent enrollment is required to keep your spot.  Students who do not use their Day Camp spot may be removed from Day Camp so another family can use the spot.

Why is there a fee for Day Camp?

SPS is using staff who are available due to the closure of school buildings and subsidies to provide this low-cost option for families. The program fees support enhanced staffing and personal protective equipment necessary to comply with the strict social distancing and safety protocols required as a result of COVID-19.

Do you accept DSHS/DCYF/Working Connection subsidy for Day Camp?

Unfortunately, we can only accept subsidies for the Licensed Childcare Express Program. Subsidies cannot be applied to the Day Camp program. A limited number of scholarships will be available for Day Camp.

How will the district decide who will receive scholarships for Day Camp tuition costs?

Day Camp scholarships will be awarded to students with Free and Reduced meal status, provided the box on the Day Camp Registration form was marked to authorize SPS to access the Free and Reduced status for scholarship purposes. If you did not check the box on the registration form to allow use of Free and Reduced meal status, we will need written authorization to use that data for scholarship purposes.

When will we be notified if we have qualified for a scholarship?

Our team is in the process of notifying families that qualified for a full or partial scholarships.  Scholarships will continue to be awarded until all scholarship funding is used.

How much are the scholarships?

Students with Free meal status will receive a full scholarship.  Students with Reduced meal status will receive scholarships to reduce the cost to $5 per week.

How many scholarships will there be?

SPS will be awarding scholarships until all scholarship funding is used.

Are meals provided during Day Camp?

The federal government has approved a waiver to provide free breakfast and lunch to children through age 18.  This waiver is in effect through the end of December 2020.

Students who participate in Day Camp will receive their free meals at the school.  If students receive their free meals at the school they will not be eligible to receive the 5-day meal package.

There will be a light snack served at the end of the day at 3 p.m for the Express Program. 

Can my child walk to and from Day Camp?

Yes, students can walk to the program, but will need to arrive on time.  In addition, a plan needs to be in place regarding the departure time for the program. 

How will you keep my student healthy and safe during Day Camp?

In conjunction with the Department of Health, the Washington Risk Management Pool and SPS Health Services, SPS has developed protocols for the safety and health of your student.  These include:

  • Following recommended DOH childcare group sizes. Group size is 2 staff to every 20 children. 
  • Requiring a daily health screening or parent attestation for staff and students
  • Having a separate entrance/exit for Day Campers
  • Allowing only active participants and Day Camp staff into the building
  • Creating a plan that reduces the number of people moving through the Day Camp room
  • Taking individual face covering breaks and allowing for outside time (weather permitting)
  • Giving frequent handwashing and personal care reminders, if necessary
  • Reducing the number of people in the building by keeping school doors locked during the day and only allowing authorized adults and children in the building.

If my child has special needs and/or a life- threatening health care plan, will my child be able to participate in the Day Camp or Express Program during the distance learning time?

Health Care plans and special needs will need specific review by SPS nurses and school staff before students can attend either program.   Life-Threatening Health Care plans and the required medication must be in place and must follow district policy. Students will not be allowed to attend prior to the plan being in place.  All students must adhere to strict social distancing policies.  All students must always be able to wear a face covering and be able to social distance.

Will there be transportation to and from Day Camps?

Currently, there is not a plan to provide transportation to and from Day Camp.  Please stay tuned as transportation options may change prior to the start of Day Camp.

Can I get more information on the Learning Centers (cost, days, locations, etc.) and programs for middle and high school?

There will be more information on Learning Centers closer to the start of school.

Questions related to Express

Do I need to register for Express again if I registered previously?

A new online registration will need to be completed to document any possible changes to family or child information. If you submitted the Online Signature form, COVID Care form, and/or the medically verified Certificate of Immunization (CIS) form for 2020-21, then those forms would still be valid and do not need to be resubmitted.

Will Express run until 6 p.m. even on Early Release Days as it has in the past?

Yes, Express will be open 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on all school days. Express will not be open on days when school is not in session. 

Will Express be following the SPS Distance Learning schedule?

Yes, the Express students will be participating in distance learning from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. as per the district’s plan.  There will be enrichment activities and time for active play before and after distance learning. 

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