Spokane Virtual Summer Offerings

  • Is your student looking to get ahead in their studies? Spokane Virtual's summer classes can help them gain credits before the regular school year begins!

    Summer classes with Spokane Virtual are for the grade students will be entering in the 2024-25 school year.

    Classes run for six weeks from June 24 - Aug. 2. The cost to attend is $200 for all credit classes and $120 for non-credit classes. Students can take up to two courses in the six-week period. 

    Students looking to complete a full year of a course (sections A and B) must be able to complete the A section by July 12. Once they have completed section A and have teacher approval, they will be entered into section B. The only exception to this is Fitness - students can only take one semester of fitness in the summer.

  • High School Credited Courses - $200

    • Only for students entering Grades 9-12 for fall 2024
    • 2 courses maximum


    • Certificated Computer Application Specialist (CTE)
    • Digital Photography A or B (CTE or FA)
    • Drawing, Sculpting, Painting A or B (FA)
    • Music Theory A or B (FA)
    • Web Design A or B (CTE or FA)


    • English 9 A or B
    • English 10 A or B
    • English 11 A or B
    • Bridge to College English 12 A or B


    • Health
    • Intro to Fitness
    • Intro to Fitness – Student Athlete
    • Lifetime Fitness A or B
    • Lifetime Fitness A or B – Student Athlete


    • Algebra 1 A or B (also available to 8th grade)
    • Geometry A or B
    • Algebra 2 A or B
    • Pre-Calculus A or B


    • Anatomy and Physiology A or B
    • Biology A or B
    • Chemistry A or B
    • Physics A or B


    • Civics
    • Current World Affairs
    • World History A or B
    • U.S. History A or B
  • Non-credited Courses - $120

    • Only for students entering Grades indicated below for Fall 2024
    • 2 courses maximum

    MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL – Grades 7-8

    • WA State History
    • College Career & Life Readiness
    • Algebra 1 Bridge
    • Geometry Bridge
    • SAT/PSAT Prep

    HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL – Grades 9-12

    • WA State History (satisfies graduation requirement only)
    • Algebra 1 Bridge
    • Geometry Bridge
    • Algebra 2 Bridge
    • Pre-Calculus Bridge
    • Calculus Bridge
    • SAT/PSAT Prep