Community IMAGES

  • Community IMAGES: Internships or Employment in the Community 

    IMAGES: Independence, Mobility, Accountability, Goals, Employment, Success 

    Designed for moderately to highly independent students who want to work and need varied levels of support in functional academic, mobility, social, self-management, and daily living skills. Students spend a portion of the day at local businesses and organizations in unpaid positions based on each student’s strengths, preferences, interests, needs, and level of independence. Students also participate in classroom instruction on the SCC campus and community-based learning. 


    • Spokane Community College (SCC)

    Program Description 

    This program is designed to prepare students with skills necessary for success to obtain and keep employment. 

    As much as possible, specific tasks and jobs are aligned with a student’s strengths, needs, interests, and preferences.  Examples include but are not limited to: 

    • Administrative/Office  
    • Customer Service  
    • Materials Handling  
    • Food Service  
    • Hospitality  
    • Environmental Services 
    • Utility Maintenance 

    As a component of transition, we partner with Spokane County DDA and DVR, and local employment agencies to help students obtain employment. 

    Prerequisite Skills 

    Students will: 

    • Have excellent attendance.
    • Have a desire to work in an internship.
    • Have safe behaviors around other vulnerable populations.
    • Have independent self-toileting, feeding, and clothes handling skills.
    • Be able to complete most tasks independently after instruction.
    • Be able to recognize basic community safety signs.
    • Want to live as independent, employed adults and be open to instruction that leads to this outcome.
    • Gain basic STA independence skills, but this is not absolutely required. Para transit may be used, if appropriate. (Paratransit application)
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