Project SEARCH

  • Project SEARCH: Embedded Internships with Providence Medical Center 

    Designed for students with intellectual & developmental disabilities who have moderate to high independent work & daily living skills.  They can handle working a full day four days/week in a large and/or sensitive real-work setting.  Students intern at Providence Medical Center after meeting the organization’s volunteer requirements. . The program is designed to prepare people with disabilities for success in competitive integrated employment. 


    • Providence St. Joseph Medical Center (Sacred Heart Medical Center)
    • Holy Family Medical Center
    • St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Medical Center 

    Program Description 

    These programs are designed to emphasize independent functioning in a real work setting at local hospitals. The goal is to get students with developmental disabilities connected with real, meaningful employment after they leave the school system with the help of adult service support agencies. 

    In order to work at hospital sites, students have to meet strict hospital volunteer requirements. This means that they have to demonstrate appropriate behaviors/social interaction skills, follow directions, and eventually be independent and meet company standard.  An application, skills assessment and interview with the Project SEARCH team, and medical screening are required. 

    The Project SEARCH team may include SPS admin and staff, PSJMC representatives, DDA, DVR, Employment Agency representatives, and Community members. 

    Please note, Project Search at Providence Medical Center is unique in that it is designed for students who are eligible for services through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and in their last year of school district service eligibility.  

    Examples of internship types include:

    • Administrative/Office
    • Customer Service
    • Materials Handling
    • Food Service
    • Hospitality
    • Utility Maintenance
    • Environmental Services 

    SPS Project Search Application will be available soon.

    Prerequisite Skills 

    Students will: 

    • Have excellent attendance.
    • Be able to consistently follow a dress code.
    • Be able to complete tasks independently.
    • Be cooperative and courteous with others.
    • Follow instructions and accept constructive criticism.
    • Be able to communicate needs, wants, and interests.


    *Spokane Public Schools Project SEARCH is open to contract with other school districts within Spokane County for students who live outside SPS boundaries.

Project Serach Student