Employee Discount Program

Carhartt of Spokane

SPS employees receive a corporate discount at Carhartt of Spokane. All district staff receive a 15% discount. You must show your SPS badge at checkout to receive the discount.

This discount applies to in-store purchases only, though the store can place an online order for people in the store if necessary.

HomeStreet Bank – Hometown Home Loan Program

SPS employees are eligible for exclusive home financing benefits with the Hometown Home Loan Program offered through HomeStreet Bank. These mortgage benefits offer savings on both closing costs and discounted services from HomeStreet Bank partners. Benefits include discounted services and fees, such as reduced loan origination fee, closing costs, real estate commissions, home inspections, escrow fees, and other expenses. The benefits also extend to your immediate family members.

Free homebuyer seminars are available:

HomeStreet Bank Affinity Buying a Home

HomeStreet Bank Affinity Refinancing & Using Home Equity

HomeStreet Bank Affinity Buying a Home with DPA

HomeStreet Bank Understanding Your Credit



For additional program information visit: Spokane Public Schools | HomeStreet Bank Affinity Client.

Contact: Steve Morgensen 509.209.2547
Expires: N/A

Lenovo Technology Discount

SPS employees are eligible for exclusive discounts on Lenovo products. Visit us online for additional information.

Expires: N/A

MUV Fitness

MUV Fitness is passionate about helping you get results!


  • Employee Rate is $0 enrollment and $29/mo. (Save $138 at enrollment and $20/month on retail membership rate)
  • Family Add-On Rate $0 enrollment and $24/mo. per person (Save $15/month on retail membership rate)


  • Memberships are month-to-month with no contract and include access to all MUV Fitness locations.
  • You pay enrollment, plus first and last month’s dues at time of enrollment.
  • Monthly billing is done by ACH through a bank account.
  • Annual Maintenance Fee of $55 is assessed to each membership 90 days after joining, and on that date annually.
  • Your membership includes all group exercise classes, as well as 2 (1hour) sessions with a personal trainer to get you started on a safe and effective workout program.  Each month you get one ½ hour coaching session with your trainer to help you on track.

To enroll online or schedule an appointment for a facility tour contact, email "Spokane Public Schoolsand your full name to: Holly Childers    

Physzique Fitness

Physzique Fitness offers 45-minute, small group fitness sessions led by a qualified coach. Each session is a unique combination of bodyweight, free weights, cardio and flexibility training. You will build muscle and burn body fat in a fun, fast paced workout customized to your athletic needs and ability. We work with athletes at any fitness level from beginner to elite and can modify for most injuries. 

We also offer 12-week transformation programs three times a year that focus on creating healthy nutrition habits and developing a mindset geared towards long term success. (Additional $50-100 registration fee applies.) 

SPS employees get 

  • FREE two-week small group fitness sessions (new athletes only) 
  • Group fitness unlimited sessions at 30% regular membership rates 

Find more information here.

Contact: 509.981-8305 or questions@physziquefitness.com
Expires: 6/30/2023

Sort & Order: Professional Organizing

Get organized! Sort & Order works with you to create unique systems & strategies that help you get organized, stay organized & live a happier life.

SPS employees who book three hours can get the first hour free!

Contact: kristy@sortandorder.cc  
Phone: 509.869.5555
Website: sortandorder.cc
Expires: never!

Specialized Pet Solutions, LLC

Specialized Pet Solutions builds custom orthotics and prosthetics for animals. Its specialty is dog knee braces for CCL tears, which is the most common naturally occurring injury in dogs. Its products can often help dogs heal without surgery and if they do require surgery, Specialized Pet Solutions products help them recover faster and with better outcomes.

The company also builds prosthetics for animals of all shapes and sizes including horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and more. Custom products are created and designed around each animal individually by casting them and building a mold of their affected limb. The custom device is then built around the mold. Specialized Pet Solutions uses the same techniques and materials that are used in the human O&P industry to create a quality custom product for your special needs pet.

As an employee of Spokane Public Schools you will be given a 5% off discount of our custom devices. Click Here for more information.

Contact: 833-682-7375

Expires: 6/30/2023

Wishing Tree Books

Wishing Tree Books is a (mostly) children’s local bookstore in the Perry District with three offers for SPS employees:

  • 15% off school orders of $200 or more.
  • In-Store Book Fairs give 10% back to your school with very little effort for PTGs.
  • Libro.FM, an audiobook subscription service that benefits independent bookstores, allows all SPS employees to sign-up for free audiobooks! No paid subscription required. Use this link and select “Educator ALC’s” from the dropdown. (Available to all SPS employees.)

Contact: 509.315.9875 or wishingtreebookstore.com

Availability: Forever

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    Disclaimer: SPS employees should contact the vendors directly with questions, concerns, comments, and/or complaints. Neither SPS nor the Benefits/Payroll office is responsible for precise details of any vendor offer.