WICOR Wednesday's at Shadle Park High School


    Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn’t, but we have had an AVID Site Team and an AVID schoolwide goal for a few years now. We have dabbled in a few PD’s, presented at a few staff meetings, incorporated WICOR strategies in whatever we could, but… this year our Site Team has come up with a plan. Starting with an AVID strategy of the month, at the beginning of each month we will present a WICOR strategy that is geared towards our schoolwide writing to learn goal. The idea behind the strategy is that you try some things in your classrooms that gets your students writing, from different formats of notetaking, to quick writes or timed writes, to full on essay’s.  The AVID strategy we present will give you a start and a goal to practice good teaching in your classrooms. On WICOR Wednesday’s, we will provide a tip or a trick to help works towards that strategy of the month. Throughout the month there will be opportunities for district PD clock hours, there will be a few hour-long share out sessions, as well as building PD sessions. We are also working on building a house for all our great strategies, handouts, posts, etc. on our school website, which is in its early phases at the moment.  

    For now, here is your WICOR wisdom for the week, “The hallmark of successful people is that they are always stretching themselves to learn new things.” –Carol S. Dweck