HGD CAC members for 2021-22

  • Executive Board

    • Alan Chatham, Chair
    • Heather Beebe-Stevens, Vice Chair
    • Casey Balzano, Secretary
    • Ian Sullivan, Immediate Past Chair

    Members at Large

    • Heather Beebe-Stevens
    • Sarah Fincham
    • Ashley Busch
    • Kara Buller 
    • Alan Chatham
    • Molly Merkle
    • Casey Balzano
    • Jenny Hyde
    • Luke Tolley, Alternate 
    • Julia Sheafor, Alternate

    Agency Representatives

    • Glendie Loranger, Life Services of Spokane
    • Kirsten Duncan, Spokane Regional Health District
    • Jason Soucinek, Project SIX19
    • Laura Kolbe, Catholic Charities 
    • Kristina Poffenroth, Lutheran Community Service
    • Jessica Lucht, Planned Parenthood 
    • Dr. Sasha Carey, Spokane County Medical Society
    • Ian Sullivan, Odyssey Youth Movement


     * If interested in applying for an open position on the HGD-CAC, you can find the committee's bylaws here. To obtain an application, please contact Elizabeth Ferris at ElizabethFe@SpokaneSchools.org.