• Mr. Dill 9th Grade Honors Biology Syllabus



    My Basic Class Expectations:

    -Respect is at the heart of behavior expectations, being respectful of yourself, peers, and me as the teacher is always expected 😊

    -Students are expected to come to class every day ready to learn with required materials. For my class, students will need a 1-inch binder with a plastic cover to slide in a cover page (I have a small budget if some students are unable to get one, just talk to me). They will also need something to write with.

    -We complete an entry task nearly every day of the school year which will be graded the last Friday of every month.

    -We complete one homework assignment per week that will be distributed each Monday and will be due on Thursday during the school year.

    -My phone policy follows our 9th grade team policy and is very simple. Students may not use their phone in class (including music), but I do accept a “reasonable request” to text a parent or guardian and obviously we may use phone for some academic uses. Otherwise, I will give a warning then begin working through progressive discipline.


    Topics of Study:

    These will include all Washington state Life Science Standards, but I will sprinkle in some AP Biology Standards to prepare students who are interested in taking AP Biology as Sophomores:

    • Evolution
    • Equilibrium in Living Systems
    • Relationships in Living Systems
    • Reproduction and inheritance in living systems
    • Development, Growth, and Differentiation in Living Systems
    • Ecology
    • Development, Growth, and Differentiation in Living Systems
      • Semester 1
        • Unit 1: Biology as a Science
        • Unit 2: Ecology
        • Unit 3: Cells
      • Semester 2
        • Unit 4: Genetics
        • Unit 5: Molecular Genetics
        • Unit 6: Evolution


    My grading practices will follow the 9th Grade Team and include approximate percentages for different categories:

    60% assessment (Tests/Quizzes/Labs/Projects)

    40% daily work (Assignments/Homework/Participation/etc.)

    Also, I will follow the Spokane school district grading guidelines for letter grades (see below).

    There are a multitude of supports for students that are struggling with any class I suggest that students ask for help as soon as they need to so we can get them the support they need to be successful!!



    Any questions, comments, concerns are more than welcome!! The more we communicate the better we can learn together!!


    Contact Information

    Mr. Joshua Dill



    Cell # is Available Upon Request 😊