Mark S Wilhelms,  Special Education Inclusion Teacher

    Office: R306   509.354.6608   google voice: 509.508.1496


    Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

         We are all very excited for this upcoming school year. This is my 2nd year here at Rogers, and I have so appreciated being welcomed into the Rogers Family. I am a Special Education Teacher who teaches:

    ·         two Targeted algebra classes

    ·         coteaches three Algebra I classes.  

    ·         I also teach Advisory and I am the Case Manager  for 9th, 10th  and 11th grade who receive special education services and have an Individual Education Program (IEP). I am looking forward to working with you and your student. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Classroom Policies

    All classroom policies are consistent with school-wide policies and all behavioral expectations can be viewed in greater detail in the school’s student handbook. I do expect students to exhibit and practice qualities and of a good citizen and a successful student.

    u  Be Ready: be here, be on time, have materials, have a learning mindset

    u  Be Responsible: for your learning, for your choices, for your work

    u  Be Respectful: to themselves, each other, with their language, to staff and property

    u  Be Engaged: show effort and participateask questions, ask for support, communicate and advocate.


    Nuts and Bolts

    u  Instruction occurs from bell to bell to maximize learning

    u  Classroom policies are consistent with schoolwide policies regarding:

    u   bathroom passes (no passes first and last 10 minutes),

    u  behavior expectations (a safe and inclusive classroom where all students are valued, respected, and have the opportunity to learn

    u   Being Late to Class (1st: warning, 2nd call home, 3rd and more office referral)

    u  Please keep phones away and out of view

    u  If you need to use your phone (family, etc.), please ask.

    u  Some opportunity to use phone for educational purposes (academic games such as Kahoot, listening to music during individual practice)

    u  Students access work all work that they have missed through Teams

    Targeted Algebra

    Period 2: N-258                                                                                                                Period 6: N-253

    ·         Targeted Algebra helps students to satisfy a graduation requirement (3 years of math is required, a 4th year recommended for those pursuing a college pathway)

    The goals in all the classes that I teach are:

    ·         to get students to return to near grade level performance

    ·         to prepare students with the skills they will need in their future endeavors

    It is a district and schoolwide goal to have all students be:

    ·         College and/or career ready

    ·         Have one adult advocate


    What you will need:

    ·         We will be using the Carnegie Learning Algebra I textbook. These will remain in class. Students can access these resources online through Clever => Carnegie Learning.

    ·         Computer and charger

    ·         Pencil (I will have some)

    ·         Composition Notebook (I have one for students if unable to provide)

    o   Spiral or binder is acceptable as well if they work better for you


    What we will do:

    ·         In this class, students will:

    o   Learn Together (3-4 days a week in pairs or small groups)

    o   Learn Individually (1-2 days a week using the online practice program Mathia, as well as other online and pencil/paper practice options.

    o   Develop higher level thinking skills

    o   Work effectively in groups while collaborating with peers


    Grades will be determined by:

    ·         50% Quizzes and Tests

    o   Quizzes every Friday

    o   Tests monthly

    ·         30% Classwork

    o   Includes a grade for monthly notebook check

    ·         20% Mathia and other independent practice


    -Students are encouraged to retake quizzes and tests to “meet standard” and/or to make test corrections for half credit.