Is SVL Right For Me?

  • Online learning offers a unique experience and certain flexibility that is not available in a traditional classroom. While the online environment is a great alternative for some students, it is important to ensure it will be a good fit for you, your style of learning, and can fit well with your other commitments.

    Because the state considers online learning an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE), students have many more responsibilities than they would in a regular classroom learning experience. Rules, which call for weekly progress and contact from each student in every course, help ensure that students are set up to succeed in the alternative environment.

  • Successful online students:

    • Have an internet connection and working computer they can use daily
    • Are able to set a realistic daily scehdule to work on their online coursework
    • Are motivated, self-directed, and an independent worker
    • Are technologically savvy and checks their student email daily
    • Are comfortable communicating with their virtual teacher over email and the phone
    • Are good at reading instructions and following written directions
    • Have good organizational skills
    • Reach out for help when they need it! We have many resources for students who need help.
  • SVL works best for families that:

    • Guide and encourage their student to login daily and stay on pace
    • Utilize the Parent Observer account on Blackboard to monintor their student's progress
    • Have a reliable computer and internet connection at home away from undue distraction
    • Communicate regularly with their student’s virtual teacher
pictograph of 5 successful tips for online school