Resources for Home Support

  • We encourage parents and guardians to be involved in their child’s education. Home support helps create a strong support structure for online learners.

    Get involved in your student’s education through Blackboard Parent Observer Accounts, orientations, and personal contact and coaching when students are struggling with their coursework. As you partner with your student and your student’s teacher, you can help your student set aside the time every week to make adequate progress and keep pace with their online course.

  • Parent Observer Account

    Parents have access to an observer account in Blackboard to monitor their student's progress in their SVL course.

    To login, access Blackboard at and login with

    • Username: parent email address (parent email on file in PowerSchool)
    • Password: password sent by email to parent email on file within first few weeks of semester*

    *If you need assistance or do not receive an email with password information, please email Blackboard Help at

    Follow your child by clicking into their enrolled courses. This may include some classes that are using a “blended learning” model, not just SVL classes. In the actual SVL classes, you should have access to view “My Grades.”

    If you have multiple students attached to your observer account you will need to switch between the individual users using the “parent dashboard” on the right side of your home tab within Blackboard.

    Should your email address change, your Blackboard account username will NOT change. However, please make sure the SVL office has your correct email on file as progress reporting and teacher communications are sent through email.

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