Highlander Traditions

  • Shadle Fight Song

    Fight for your school you Highlanders,
    Fight when you face the foe.
    Fight ever on to victory
    You'll have the heart to go, go, go.
    Show them your courage Highlanders,
    We'll cheer you on to fame.
    When you fight for the pride of Shadle High,
    Green and gold you will win the game.

    Alma Mater

    Shadle High to you we sing.
    All the hills with praises ring.
    As our hearts proclaim our love for you
    With faith and courage true
    Our colors fly.
    Highlanders, both young and old,
    Have a spirit brave and bold.
    Friends we love and foes defy,
    Wave the green and gold for Shadle High.

    School Colors

    Our school colors are green and gold.
  • The Spirit Potty

    The spirit potty is a green and gold toilet seat that a chosen senior student uses to motivate our students at rallies and games. The toilet seat is lifted to reveal a RAH! The senior lifts the seat and yells to a person or group of his choice "Give me a RAH!"


    We are the Highlanders.  MacTavish is our mascot embodied as a red headed, kilt wearing, costumed character. MacTavish comes to games and other school events to promote spirit.

    The Victory Bell

    The victory bell was a present from the Shadle class of 1965. The first victory bell was named after Shadle's first principal, Mr. William W. Taylor. The history behind the bell demonstrates the first victory bell which was to be rung after any athletic or academic victory. In the year of 1967, during the winter, the bell was cracked by a victorious basketball team after a crucial game. A little while later, the same class gave another victory bell to keep that special school spirit going. During every school year the Shadle students keep that bell ringing.

    Groovy Shoes

    Groovy Shoes is an annual spirit competition between Shadle and our rival school North Central High School. Two basketball games are played; one between the boys' varsity teams and one between the girls' varsity teams. We have people from the community judge the spirit competitions. The judges decide who deserves the Groovy Shoes, a traveling trophy consisting of a pair of shoes with one shoe decorated by the art department of each school. The judges decide which school wins the shoes by evaluating each schools' spirit through their involvement in community service and their participation in cheers.

    The Bagpipe Band

    The Shadle Park High School Bagpipe Band and Highland Dance Team is a group of Shadle students keeping the rich traditions of the Scottish Highlands alive in our school. These select students strive to maintain the streak of pride that runs through our student body.  The pipe band was founded in 1957 along with the school. Bill Thomas was the original pipe major. Heidi Smith is the current Pipe Band Director as well as the current Highland Dance Team Coach. During the eighties, the pipe band tradition had died out and was rekindled in 1990 by Shelley and some students. This tradition will live on forever and future generations will look back with pride at the accomplishments of these future Shadle alumni.