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  • Dental Assisting: Video Overview

    Grade Level: 11, 12

    Credits: 3 per year (1.5 per semester)   

    Location: NEWTech - Rm. S201

    Duration: 1080 Hours: 540 hours (year-long) with an optional second year 540-hour course available

    Program Description: This course provides preparation and internship for students who aspire to be dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists, and orthodontists. Students will acquire chair-side assisting skills, laboratory, and x-ray capabilities. Qualified students may earn state certification in radiation safety and infection control.

    High School Credit Equivalencies: 1.0 Science (.5/semester)

    Year One Course
    Junior or Senior standing             
    Year Two Course -
    B or better in Year One course and instructor's approval

    Certifications: Healthcare Provider CPR/First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens (7-hours HIV/AIDS), HIV Certificate, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

    *Washington State Department of Health requires a valid Social Security number to obtain licensure in the state, & Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) training. 

    Careers in this field:

    • Dental Hygienist 
    • Chairside Dental Assistant
    • Dental Office Assistant
    • Dental Receptionist
    • Dental Lab Assistant
    • Dentist
    • Orthodontist

    2021-22 Orientation Video

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