• Description: 

    This one-year only course prepares individuals to perform operations connected with the distribution and sales of replacement parts and other end-use supplies in the automotive industry. Includes instruction in wholesaling and retailing; principles of vehicular technologies; storage and distribution; customer sales and service skills; and principles of consumer research and sales forecasting.



    • Learn the fundamentals of automotive service repair.

    • Interact with customers, manage service requests, and order/inventory parts.

    • Develop and practice addressing customer concerns, providing explanations for repairs, and ensuring customer satisfaction.  



    Any combination of the following credits that adds up to 3.0 (1.5 max per semester)
    1.0 Lab Science (.5 max per semester)

    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 max per semester)  


    Certification Opportunities: 

    • ASE

    College Credits Available:

    Syllabus: 2023-2024

    Program Uniform Information      



    • Students are required to have health/medical insurance before any shop work will be allowed.  

    • Must have student/ parent info / medical sheet on file in school office. 

    • Students will be provided with their first pair of safety glasses. Replacement glasses are available for purchase through the instructor/ Office. 

    Instructor:  John Mosher JohnMo@spokaneschools.org




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