• Description: 

    This course is a starting point to begin a career in the medical field. Students learn the language of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. This course involves a culmination of the following:

    • Medical Terminology – spelling, pronunciations, and definitions; prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms

    • Anatomy & Physiology – Basic knowledge of the body’s health systems

    • Clinical and Administrative Skills – patient medical history, blood pressure, electronic health records, Medical Scribing, front office duties, and privacy laws 

    • Opportunity to earn advanced college credits from Spokane Community College.

    • Develop a portfolio- Resume/ Cover Letters

    • Earn Industry Recognized Certifications to place in your portfolio

    • Design and deliver a community service project through group and teamwork

    • Develop and practice effective communication and leadership skills


    • Learn medical assisting-aide theory, procedures, and skills
    • Learn medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and disease processes.
    • Learn the importance of medical ethics, confidentiality/HIPAA, and communication

    Video overview of the program


    Year 1
    Any combination that = 3.0 (1.5 max per semester)
    1.0 Anatomy and Physiology (.5 max per semester)

    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 max per semester)  

    Year 2
    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 per semester)    


    Certification Opportunities: (* indicates a test fee applies)

    • Healthcare Provider CPR/First Aid *
    • Bloodborne Pathogens (7-hours HIV/AIDS)
    • Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
    • EKG Technician
    • MA Skills Builder & Communication


    College Credits Available:
    Spokane Community College

    SURG 105 Blood-borne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS (1 credit)


    Upon reaching proficiency in the skills below, 2nd year students may be eligible to complete a clinical internship.*

    • Interpersonal & Professional Skills

    • Health Care Provider Level CPR & First Aid (AHA Credential)

    • Certified Medical Assisting (NHA CCMA & CMAA Test Preparation)

    • ECG/EKG Technician (NHA Certified EKG Technician Credentialing Test)

    • Clinical Internship (10 hours/week) **

    To complete this internship, students will need to comply with hospital guidelines set in place by

    Providence Health Care, including drug testing, background checks and vaccinations.

    Hospital policy requires the following:

    • Current TB vaccination

    • Hepatitis B or positive titer

    • MMR

    • Varicella (Chicken Pox)

    • Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis

    • Influenza

    • COVID 19


    Course Syllabus

    Program Uniform Information 

    Required Class Materials:
    • Laptop to bring to class everyday
    • One 3-ring binder (3”)
    • Composition Book
    • One pocket sized/memo notebook
    • A watch with a second hand
    • Uniform - scrubs and closed toe shoes (slip-resistant/non-absorbent)

    Instructor: Renee Langston ReneeL@spokaneschools.org


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