• Description: 

    This two-year course is designed to inform and instruct students in the basics of auto body repair. Instruction includes theory and techniques related to the process of welding, metal straightening and panel/body alignment on a variety of auto body industry materials including metal, glass and plastic. Students will learn effective customer relations and sales in multiple settings. The class focuses on academic, technical skills, and employability practices. 



    • Restore and refinish automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles.

    • Use modern welding, sanding, masking, painting, and creative airbrushing procedures.

    • Create custom modifications using artistic design elements.

    Video overview of the program


    Year 1  
    Any combination of the following that adds up to 3.0 (1.5 max per semester)
    1.0 Lab Science (.5 max per semester)

    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 max per semester)  

    Year 2   
    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 max per semester)    

    Certification Opportunities: 

    • ASE Collision Repair & Refinishing (4 Exams Possible)

    College Credits Available:
    Spokane Community College
    ABF 133: Intro to Industrial Safety and Hygiene (3 credits)
    APLED 112: Applied Mathematics (3 credits)

    Syllabus: 2023-2024 Collision Repair Syllabus

    Program Uniform Information     


    • Students are required to have health/medical insurance before any shop work will be allowed.  

    • Must have student/parent or guardian info and medical sheet on file in school office. 

    • Students will be provided with their first pair of safety glasses. Replacement glasses are available for purchase through the instructor and can be paid for in the business office. 

    • Students will be required to purchase an Automotive Technician work shirt as their class uniform.  

    • Students are expected to wear their uniform shirt in class every day 

    • The shirts will cost $40 - $50. 

    Students will have the option to purchase a jacket and hat (not required). The vendor information and ordering instructions are on the NEWTech website.  

    • Students are required to wear appropriate work pants (no holes), closed toe shoes, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) the instructor assigns. 

    • All students will be provided with a personal respirator that has been properly fitted, assuming they pass the safety test and have their lab fee paid.  


    Instructor:  Scott Kennedy ScottK@spokaneschools.org




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