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    The Dental class is a one-year program, with the option of a second year advanced class, established to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required by the dental profession to work in a dental environment. The program will teach students the skills necessary to work in a dental practice in various roles.  Over 50% of the instruction in this program is devoted to hands-on experience in the on-site dental clinic. The remaining portion of the instruction will be devoted to building professionalism skills, traditional chairside dental assisting duties, dental x-rays, dental materials, terminology, safety issues, and career development. The second year program will take the basic skills learned in the first year and narrow the focus on more complex, advanced skills associated with the expanded function of a dental assistant. The prerequisite for the second year program is successful completion of the first year program with a 'B' or higher for both semester grades and instructor recommendation. 



    • Perform a wide range of dental office operations including x-rays, chair side assistance and instrument transfer
    • Mix cements, take oral impressions and learn sterilization and disinfection procedures. 
    • Learn oral anatomy, medical terminology and charting. 
    • Learn to communicate well with others and work independently in diverse environments and teams.

    Video overview of the program

    Any combination equal to 3.0 credits (1.5 max per semester)
    1.0 Anatomy and Physiology (.5 max per semester)

    3.0 Occupational or General Elective (1.5 max per semester)  

    Certification Opportunities: (* indicates a test fee applies)

    • Healthcare Provider CPR/First Aid *
    • Bloodborne Pathogens (7-hours HIV/AIDS)
    • Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) training.
    • Registered Dental Assistant (RDA). The WA State Department of Health requires a
      valid social security number to obtain licensure in the state.
    • 21st Century Professionalism Certificate
    • HIV Certificate
    • DANB Infection Control National Certification*

    College Credits Available:
    Spokane Community College

    DENT 109 Chairside Related Theory Lab  (1 credit)
    DENT 112 Chairside Related Theory  (3 credits)
    DENT 116 Dental Restorative Techniques  (2 credits)
    DENT 117 Dental Restorative  Techniques Lab  (1 credit)
    DENT 118 Dental Anatomy ( 4 credits)
    SURG 105 Blood-borne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS (1 credit)

    Course Syllabus
    Program Uniform Information   


    A 2 ½ or 3 inch three ring binder

    8 dividing tabs

    Clear page protectors

    Uniform/lab coats

    Instructor: Jeanette Thompson JeanetteT@spokaneschools.org 


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